Is It Time to Try a Thong for Pole? Meet the Gatsby Bottom!

Is It Time to Try a Thong for Pole? Meet the Gatsby Bottom!

Never worn a thong on the pole (or even in life)? 
Feeling a bit nervous about the idea? 

This is a sign that it's time to free your bums!! 

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We’re all about breaking boundaries and challenging the norms, right? Whether you’ve avoided thongs for reasons of comfort, security, or just never found the right fit, you don’t want to miss what the Gatsby bottom has to offer.


Why the Gatsby Bottom Could Be Your Thong-Changer

Generous Coverage

Not all thongs are created equal, and the Gatsby bottom is proof. Designed with a wide crotch, it provides more coverage than your average thong, ensuring that everything stays covered, no matter your moves (yes even with your fav Hello Boy). It’s all about secure coverage that lets you focus on your performance, not on your wardrobe.


Non-Slip Design

Ever worry about your thong slipping or shifting during those complex pole moves? We’ve addressed that head-on with the Gatsby bottom. Equipped with dual elastic bands on each side, this thong stays exactly where you need it. Whether you’re climbing, inverting, or spinning, your thong is secure and so are you.

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Ultimate Comfort

If the thought of wearing a thong brings visions of discomfort, let the Gatsby bottom change your perspective. Our design minimizes the dreaded wedgie effect, making it feel like you’re hardly wearing anything at all. Don't just take our word for it—here’s what one of our converts had to say:

“I’m not a big fan of thongs, but yours is so comfy I don’t feel like I have a wedgie the whole time.”

"Gatsby - The thong that fits and frees all bums"


Ready to Reconsider about Thong?

The Gatsby bottom isn’t just a piece of polewear; it’s a comfort revolution designed to empower you. If you’ve been on the fence about thongs, maybe it’s time to give the Gatsby a try. It could just be the perfect fit you never knew you needed!


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