Is Polewear Overpriced?

Is Polewear Overpriced?

Absolutely yes. No doubt.

This is my personal stance, before diving into the creation of Zerone Design. I couldn't wrap my head around why a simple, cute little top would easily fetch a price tag of $50+, much like Lululemon. 

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But hold on, why does Lululemon often command higher prices without as much public outcry? (Just count how many of your pole classmates are decked out in Lululemon, and you'll see what I mean.) Is it the quality, or is it just the brand effect...

Oops, we've strayed a bit. 

Let's circle back to our main question:

"Why is pole wear, in general, so pricey?"

After delving into more market research and stepping into the market myself, I’ve pieced together some insights behind those hefty tags.

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Niche Market

The demand for pole wear, compared to activewear or other dance wear, is limited, leading to smaller production batches. While Lululemon might produce tens of thousands of pieces per order, a typical polewear brand could be limited to hundreds or even fewer, significantly driving up costs. 

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Quality and Production

Behind every piece of premium polewear lie thoughtful, unique designs that cater specifically to the needs of pole dancers, high-quality fabrics that are both stretchy and supportive, and specialized production techniques. This means that even mass-producing polewear would incur higher costs than regular sportswear, not to mention the added expenses of small-batch production.

Here at Zerone Design, a significant portion of the production cost is dedicated to endless testing and iterations before finalizing our products. Let's just say: we literally invert in every set to ensure "boobies are gucci" **.

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Limited Competition

In the world of polewear, choice feels like a luxury. With only a few brands dominating the scene, pole dancers often find themselves with limited options. This scarcity gives established brands considerable leverage over pricing, much like a spotlight in a dimly lit room. Despite living in an era where the internet has democratized access to markets, emerging brands face Herculean challenges in gaining visibility. The road to discovery is fraught with obstacles, from the high costs of digital marketing to the sheer difficulty of standing out in a saturated online landscape.

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Branding and Marketing

Has anyone mentioned how costly marketing can be? I don’t even want to start on this—it’s traumatizing. Let's end this right now.

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So, if you've read this far, do you still think polewear is overpriced? Or are you starting to feel a bit more empathy for polewear manufacturers?

Still, nobody likes a high price tag, I get it, same. I wanna buy more polewear, of every kind, every style.

So what’s the solution here?


Grow our pole community and bring in more pole brands 

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This isn’t just about fostering a sense of camaraderie; it’s a practical strategy for change. 

Supporting local and small polewear brands (and your fellow polers who hand crafted their polewear) helps diversify the market. As we band together to champion these emerging talents, we drive up demand, which can lead to larger production runs, thereby reducing costs. 

More brands in the scene mean increased competition, pushing for innovation, and ultimately, making polewear more accessible and affordable for us all. By investing our support here, we're not just consumers; we're active participants shaping a more inclusive and dynamic polewear landscape.


So, are you ready to share your beloved Zerone Design** with your pole fellows?

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**  While we strive to ensure "boobies are gucci" with our designs, please note that fit and support can vary depending on individual body shapes. If your boobies aren't feeling all that gucci, girl you've got some extra fabulous boobies.

** Zerone Design is an Asian-owned, Woman-owned Small Business

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