Let's Talk About Pole Wear Fabric: What's the Big Deal?

Let's Talk About Pole Wear Fabric: What's the Big Deal?

Hey there, my favorite polers/pole dancers! Quick question: How stuffed is your closet with polewear (or any kind of dancing outfits)?? Ever wondered why some pole wear feels just right (yes the ones you ALWAYS wear to your pole classes) but the others…hum-um, feels a little bit off? 

Trust your feeling! It's not magic (well, maybe a little), but it's all about

Picking The Right Fabric.

Let's dive into what makes good pole wear fabric so special, without all the fancy words.

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Comfy Is Key

First up, staying cool and dry is super important. When you're up there, spinning and doing your amazing moves, you want fabric that breathes and keeps sweat away. It's like having a superpower that keeps you feeling fresh, no matter how hard you're working.

And yeah, we've all been there — snagging cute bikinis for pole sessions because they look adorable. But remember, swimwear is meant to repel water, which might not be the best for keeping pole dancers dry on the pole. 

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Stretch It Out

Next up, let's talk about stretch. Your polewear has to be in tune with you, flexing without going slack. It's like having a dance partner who's got your back, predicting your every move and staying perfectly aligned. This lets you focus on your performance, secure in the knowledge that everything's staying put (ladies, you know exactly what I mean).

With fabric that's stretchy yet supportive, it moves as you move, ensuring everything is exactly where it should be.

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Durability Matters

Durability is crucial in polewear. Our fabric is not only about looking good; it's about enduring the test of time and performance. It withstands repeated use and washes, ensuring your investment in quality lasts, making every move and moment count without a second thought to wear and tear.

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Getting the right Grip

Grip — it's crucial, to pole dancers, and to polewear. Too slippery, and you're sliding when you least expect it. Too grippy, and you might find yourself stuck when you're trying to soar. Ever attempted a superhero pose in grippy pants? Yeah, not the highlight of the session.

It's all about balance, finding that sweet spot where your fabric helps you stick and slide just right.

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What Makes Our Fabric Awesome

At Zerone Design, fabric isn't just a detail; it's the foundation. Our chic designs are paired with top-notch fabric to really shine.

Our polewear got this cool double layers thing going on.

The outside is functional fabric with the perfect blend of stretch and support to keeps everything in place, while the inside is super soft against your skin.

It's like getting a gentle hug that says, "You got this!" every time you wear it. Or —

“I feel like I'm on a cloud” 

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 as one of our customers said.


Picking the right fabric is a lot like assembling your dream combo for a performance. You want every piece to bring its A-game. Our fabric? It does exactly that, making sure you look amazing, feel fantastic, and can concentrate on making those pole routines unforgettable.

Check out the "cutest and most comfortable polewear" (quoted from our customers) at our product page right now!! Your trusted US polewear brand that uses and only uses premium fabrics for your best performance ❤

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