Pads, or Not Pads, That is the BIG Question

Pads, or Not Pads, That is the BIG Question

Excuse me, what pads are we talking about here?

Chest Pads, aka bra inserts, breast pads, padding inserts etc. The little things you've been considering taking out from your pole dancing outfits.

Ah, the typical dilemma for all pole dancers, kind of like choosing between chocolate or vanilla. It’s a personal choice, really, but ever wonder why we even find ourselves at this crossroads? Those seemingly simple pads could be doing a whole lot more than meets the eye!

So, let's get into it, just a heart-to-heart, girl talk style, and unravel the mystery behind the pad or no-pad decision.

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To Pad: The Cozy Comfort Squad

Slipping pads into your pole wear? It’s not just about making things look perky; it’s about that snug-as-a-bug feeling that truly transforms the experience. Think of pads as your personal cheerleaders, offering a little lift here and a snug hug there, making sure your outfit feels just right. They’re like the besties who whisper, “You’ve got this,” giving you that extra pep in your pirouette.

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But here’s a little secret not everyone talks about:

Those pads are unsung heroes when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions (esp when you invert).

Yep, that bit of padding does wonders in keeping things gracefully in place for pole dancers, making sure your performance is remembered for your incredible skills, not for a fashion faux pas. They work behind the scenes, ensuring everything stays PG-rated as you dazzle and twirl. So, no worries about any unexpected reveals; your pads have got you covered, literally!


Not to Pad: The Free Spirit Ensemble

Since the early 2010s, going padless has become a trendy statement, especially after seeing celebrities embrace the natural silhouette on the red carpet. In the world of pole, where channeling your inner free spirit is the ultimate goal, choosing not to use pads resonates with the exhilarating feeling of dancing in the rain—free, unbounded, and oh-so liberating.

It’s your chance to declare, “I’m all about that natural look and feel, and I’m absolutely owning it!”

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The padless approach is a celebration of every curve and line just as they are, no enhancements needed. It champions being comfortable in your own skin (and your spandex), moving in ways that feel as genuine and natural as your smile. And let's not overlook the fashion perks: ditching the pads means you've got all the room to experiment with styles, cuts, and those daring designs you've been eyeing. Think of it as letting your wardrobe—and your confidence—go on a wild creativity spree!

(Do you know you have the options to show off some underb00b but still feel super secure with Unlimited Top without pads?🤫)



Your Pole Wear, Your Rules

At Zerone Design, we’re all about choices—chocolate, vanilla, pads, no pads. Life’s too short for boring polewear or feeling stuck in a style rut. That’s why our gear comes with detachable pads. Feel like a bit of oomph today? Pop those pads in. Craving that au natural vibe? Whip them out.


It’s your pole journey, and we’re just here to make sure you’ve got all you need to express, impress, and yes, sometimes even dress less.


Remember, whether you’re Team Pad or proudly flying the flag for Team No Pad, you’re fabulous. And with our gear, you’re ready to take on the world 💕💕💕

Reality TV gif. Emma Hernan in Selling Sunset wears pink heart sunglasses and a pink bikini as she lifts a champagne glass and asks, "Can we cheers to that?"


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