The Do's and Don'ts of Polewear Care: Keeping Your Favorites Fabulous Forever

The Do's and Don'ts of Polewear Care: Keeping Your Favorites Fabulous Forever

Hey fabulous polers!

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If you're anything like me, your polewear isn't just clothing; it's a part of your pole dancing soul! We all want our favorite outfits to last as long as our love for dancing up there in the air. Just like a good dance routine, there's an art to keeping your polewear in pristine condition. Let's dive into the best tips and tricks to ensure your gear stays as fresh and vibrant as your moves!

Do's of Polewear Care

1. Follow the Care Label Religiously

Every piece of polewear comes with its own set of care instructions for a reason. Stick to them, and your gear will continue to support your every spin and twirl.

2. Choose Gentle Detergents

Treat your outfits to a mild detergent bath. Harsh chemicals are the arch-enemies of the delicate fibers that keep you comfortable and flexible.

3. (If you can) Hand Wash to Show Love

Whenever possible, give your polewear a gentle hand wash. Machines are great, but nothing beats the tender touch of a hand wash for preserving those delicate fabrics and intricate designs.

But hey, we get it—who has the time for hand washing when you've got a trusty washing machine? Just remember, even if you’re going the machine route, keep it gentle and avoid mixing colors to keep your polewear looking as fabulous as your routines!

4. Air Dry Like a Pro

Air dry your polewear away from direct sunlight to preserve the fabric's integrity and color. Direct heat can degrade the material and cause it to lose its stretch and beautiful color.



Don'ts of Polewear Care

1. Say No to Bleach

Just don't go there. Bleach is way too harsh and can send your beautiful outfit's colors and strength packing.

2. Forget the Fabric Softener

While it’s tempting to want the softest finish, fabric softener can actually make the materials less effective and more likely to slip when you need grip the most.

3. Avoid the Iron

High heat from irons? A BIG no-no. It’s like kryptonite to the heroic materials that make up your polewear.

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How to Choose the Right Polewear

Choosing the right polewear involves looking for materials and designs that not only catch the eye but will also endure the rigorous demands of pole dancing. Want to snap something for your pole class right away? We got some tips for you!!

✨ Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Pole Outfits 

Caring for your polewear properly means you'll keep looking and feeling great in each class or performance. Remember, well-cared-for polewear reflects your dedication to the craft of pole dancing—it's about showing love for the clothes that help you express your passion. 

Stay fabulous and keep spinning!

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