Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Those Stripper Heels?

Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Those Stripper Heels?


I know, I know, my beautiful pole babes are so tired of answering this question. However, whether you're the one asking or being asked, the question needs an answer! And instead of typing up a long-ass message to explain yourself, just send them this article.

Why We Love Our Heels!

1. Legs for Days

  • Look Taller, Feel Fancier: Hello? Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know what heels are for? Seriously, who doesn't want to look like a long-legged diva?
  • Extend the Moves: But OK, we are pole dancers, and there’s more to it than just looking pretty. Those extra inches mean we can reach higher on the pole, extend further in the air, and make those impossible bendy moves a bit more possible!


2. Grip and Stand Firm

  • Stick to It: These heels aren’t just pretty; some of them have got serious grip! Imagine shoes that help you cling to a pole better than a cat on a curtain—yep, that’s them. Next time you’re climbing up and down the pole multiple times, spare your poor insteps and wear some boots!
  • No Wobbles Here: The chunky part at the bottom? That’s not just for show. It keeps you stable, so you can focus on looking amazing without face-planting.


3. The Bad-Axx Attitude

  • Make Some Noise: Ever hear that click-clack when a dancer walks or hits the pole with her heels? That’s not just noise; it’s ATTITUDE. Each clack is like saying, "I’m here, and I’m fabulous."
  • Steal the Spotlight: Glitter, prints, neon? Your heels say a lot about you. Different heights, shapes, and materials tell different stories about you and your dance. Every heel click and spin tells your story. Show them who’s boss, and let your dance do the talking.

High Heels Shoes GIF by Paramount+


4. Safety and Be Strong

  • Protect Those Ankles: These heels are more than pretty; they’re like fortresses for your feet. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, there’s a heel height that’s perfect for you. It’s like having custom gear for your feet.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Training in heels prepares you for any performance. It’s like doing rehearsals in costume—it just feels right.
  • Strong and Steady: Believe it or not, dancing in heels builds muscles. You’ll be stronger and more fabulous.

High Heels Exercise GIF


The Takeaway

There are personal reasons why every pole dancer may choose to wear heels or not. Your pole game, your choice. So next time someone asks why pole dancers wear those stripper heels, roll your eyes (or not), and just point them here.

Wear them loud, wear them proud, and dance like everyone’s watching—because they are!

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