About Us

At the heart of Zerone Design lies a deep-seated passion for pole dancing—a profound expression of art that merges strength, grace, and self-expression in every movement.

Our story began in San Francisco, California in 2023, born from a desire for something more—a longing for originally and specially designed pole wear that embodies a unique blend of elegance and a dash of boldness, empowering pole dancers to feel cherished and confident in their every move. With every piece of heart and soul poured into this art form, pole dancers deserve nothing but the best on the pole.

Zerone Design embodies this vision. Anchored in values of love, elegance, excellence, and sustainability, we are committed to offering pole dancing outfits that stands out for its creativity, unrestrained grance, and premium quality. Every fabric choice, design detail, and production step is meticulously curated to ensure that our clothing not only meets but exceeds the expectations of pole dancers who, like us, seek the best in their pursuit of excellence.

We’re excited to invite you to embark on this journey of elegance and expression with us! Follow Zerone Design on Instagram @zeronepolewear for the latest creations, exclusive offers, and a glimpse into our universe of innovation and style. Explore our collections and find pole wear that's designed with love and precision, ready to accompany you in every spin, leap, and inversion.



💗 Zerone

Our Core Values

  • Love

    Love is the heartbeat of Zerone Design. We infuse every stitch and design with a genuine passion for pole dancers' empowerment. From the joy of creating to the delight of seeing you shine in our pole wear, our love for what we do fuels every step of your journey, ensuring that you feel empowered, confident, and embraced by our dedication and care.

  • Elegance

    Elegance defies stereotypes and breathes life into pole dancing. We envision elegance as the seamless fusion of grace and unstoppable power, and our designs celebrate this Unrestrained Elegance as the soul of our brand, embodying the strength and sophistication that pole dancers exude.

  • Excellence

    We channel unparalleled dedication into every aspect of our pole wear. From the high-end functional fabric to the intricate details, each design embodies our unwavering pursuit of perfection for enhanced stability and unmatched comfort. Our dedication to excellence shines through in the smallest of details, elevating your experience on the pole.

  • Sustainability

    We're dedicated to a sustainable future, embedding eco-consciousness into our core. Sustainability is our commitment, evident in our choice of long-lasting premium materials and minimal use of plastic in our packaging. Every step, from production to delivery, mirrors our resolve to protect our planet.

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